Emily Putman - Founder

Emily has over 20 years of success in the wine business. She launched The Letter M in 2021 to provide a solution to those producers in search of international brand building, recognition and sales.

Her expertise is spearheaded by her most recent role as Vice President of International Sales for Francis Ford Coppola Presents for 11 years, Emily Putman relies on her extensive background in the wine industry and diverse international relations to swiftly and effectively navigate the ever-changing alcohol beverage export market. Prior to joining the Coppola team, Emily worked for the well-known Wente wine family before she embarked on a journey to Africa, where she contributed to international humanity efforts in the non-profit sector. In her early career, she was fortunate to work in the fast-paced national television network news production field, an industry known for its often contentious environment. She quickly mastered decisiveness, as well as the ability to positively communicate with a diverse group of professionals from many different cultural backgrounds and beliefs -- an enviable trait which has proved to be invaluable in International Sales. Spearheading global wine and spirits export efforts and liaising with importers in more than 60 countries, she recognizes the potential for new opportunities.

She earned her BA in Communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her MBA and Master’s of International Business from a combined program with The University of Oregon and St. George’s University.

She's also been successful in achieving the perfect work-life balance, as her passion and dedication for her career are a natural fit with her personal sense of adventure and travel. When she's not hosting a wine dinner in Japan, for instance, or pouring wines for The King of Thailand's birthday celebration, you'll likely find Emily enjoying her time at home in California or globe-trotting with her young daughter, son and family, seeking the allure of a new adventure.